Asset Management at Kushner Companies

Kushner Companies owns billions of dollars worth of commercial buildings and residential apartment complexes. In 2002 I managed a portfolio of commercial office buildings, totaling over 1 million sf, in northern NJ as part of the company’s commercial management team.

My responsibilities included:

  • Managing the rent rolls to assure that all rent payments were made in a timely fashion by tenants. In the event that there were problems I would follow up with tenant.
  • Lease Renewal
  • Analyzing financial statements for each property to assure that expenses were in line with projections and to find areas for cost savings.
  • Manage construction related to tenant improvements
  • Negotiate contracts with vendors providing various services for properties and manage ongoing relationship with vendors to assure proper service.
  • Hiring, firing and supervision of maintenance staffs.

I gave regular presentations to senior management who were exacting in their management requirements. I exceeded their expectations.

As a side project I developed a marketing website and database for the entire commercial portfolio.

In addition to my management responsibilities, I searched for potential property acquisitions for the company in NYC. I identified the properties, analyzed them and then presented them directly to Charles Kushner and other top company officers.


  • Asset management
  • Financial analysis
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Hiring and firing staff
  • Project management
  • Presentations