Google Non profit grants

Google Ad Grant for Non Profits

What is the Google Ad Grants program? Google Ad Grants is part of Google For Non Profits, a program created by Google to help non profit organizations. As part of the program Google gives qualified non profits $10,000 per month ($329 per day) in Google Adwords ads. That means a non profit using the grant […]

linkedin for business

How to Use Linked in for Your Business [Part 2]

In a previous post I showed you how to use Linkedin as a sales prospecting tool to generate new leads. The primary technique revolved around locating your target customers, finding their email address either on Linkedin or with another tool, and then contacting them either via an email campaign or by messaging them directly on […]

using linkedin for business

How to use Linkedin for your B2B business

When people refer to social media they usually think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (and there may be some others I’m not even aware of). If your company sells directly to consumers (B2C) or is looking to build brand awareness in the consumer market then these social media platforms are the way to go. […]

invest in seo

Invest in SEO, But Don’t Expect Immediate Results

In my last post I gave a quick intro to the basics of SEO along with some practical tips you can implement on your own website to get it indexed by Google and appearing in your local search results. That might even be all you need if you’re exclusively targeting your specific local market. But […]

google SEO search

SEO Basics: How to Rank Your Company in Google [Practical Tips]

SEO is that magic term that you’ve heard will unleash the flow of traffic from Google to your website. Take the SEO pill, sit back and watch the customers roll in. Not. At least not the magic part (or the pill). But SEO is important in getting Google to give you the love I know […]

mobile responsive

Does Mobile Matter to Your Business? [It Should]

Unless you’ve been hibernating for the last few years, you already know that the majority of internet users are searching, finding and viewing stuff on their mobile devices. Because of that, Google has decided to make mobile usability a priority when ranking websites. In other words, if there are two websites that answer the same […]

website for business

Do you really need a website for your business? [the answer might surprise you]

You’re launching a new business. Or maybe you’ve been in the same business for 30 years. In either case, you’ve decided that you need to build a website and do some digital marketing because…well, you’re not really sure why, other than because everyone else is. Not a very strategic way of investing money and resources. […]

website design

How to complete and launch your website on time [and why it’s so hard to do that]

Most companies looking to build new websites (or redesign old ones) focus almost exclusively on design. They want a site that is modern looking, professional, clean — all important design elements. They usually have an example or 2 of websites that they’d like to emulate. But they usually say nothing about content. They have a […]