Web Development Project – SomethingDifferentLinen.com

Since 2015 I’ve created dozens of websites through my company Onrush Digital. Here is an example of one of the more challenging projects.

something different linen

The company, Something Different Linen, manufactures specialty linens with custom printing for the hospitality and events industries as well as for home use. The company’s objective was to create a professional looking site that would present their hundreds of fabrics, products and prints in an attractive format that would be easy for users to search and find.

My first step was to help the company organize its fabrics and products into categories. Each product would need to be associated with multiple fabrics in multiple colors. After we determined the best way to conceptually categorize the merchandise, I created a spreadsheet to help the client categorize and organize each item and relate it to other items and elements.

For example, a tablecloth (product) could be made out of 3 different fabrics. Each fabric could have multiple colors. Each product and fabric could have different uses (industries). Lots of combinations to organize and make searchable.

While the company entered all the products and fabrics (and cross referenced them) on the spreadsheet, I began figuring out the best way to make all this work on the website. Since i was building the website using WordPress, I decided to use WooCommerce to present all the products and fabrics. I needed to make some custom modifications to get the display working exactly as the company requested.

In addition to the products/fabrics, I helped the company organize their content to create a user friendly website that was easy to navigate while presenting the company in a positive and professional manner.

Skills Used:

  • Strategy planning
  • Marketing strategy
  • Website architecture
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Html, php
  • Project management
  • Customer management